HTC Investors

Compensation Committee

This Committee is established from on December 22, 2011. 

The main function of the Remuneration Committee is to oversee the following matters:

  • Prescribe and periodically review the policies, systems, standards, and structure for the annual and long-term performance goals and compensation of HTC directors and managers.
  • Periodically assess the status of achievement of performance goals of HTC directors and managers, and set the content and amounts of their individual compensation.

When performing the official powers of the preceding Article, the Committee shall follow the principles listed below:

  • The performance assessment and the compensation level of directors and managers shall take into reference the general pay levels in the industry, and take into account the individual’s time spent and responsibilities, goal achievement status, performance in other positions, and the compensation paid to employees holding equivalent positions in recent years, and evaluate the reasonableness of the correlation between compensation and individual performance, HTC’s operational performance, and future risk exposure, in terms of HTC’s achievement of short-term and long-term business goals and its financial status.
  • It shall not produce an incentive for the directors or managerial officers to engage in activity to pursue remuneration exceeding the risks that the Company may take.
  • It shall take into consideration the characteristics of the industry and the nature of the Company´s business when determining the ratio of bonus payout based on the short-term performance of its directors and senior managerial officers and the time for payment of the variable part of remuneration.
Chen-Kuo Lin Vincent Thai Daniel Wu (Yeong-Cheng Wu)
  • Member
  • Chair
  • Financial Expert
  • Independent Director

Board of Directors and Board Committee Members

Cher Wang
HT Cho
Wen-Chi Chen
David Bruce Yoffie
Chen-Kuo Lin
Independent Director
Josef Felder
Independent Director
Vincent Thai
Independent Director
Daniel Wu (Yeong-Cheng Wu)
Member of the Compensation Committee