HTC Investors

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The Board of Directors resolved to remove the non-competition on managers.
1.Date of occurrence of the event:2006/08/23 

2.Name of the company :High Tech Computer Corp. 

3.Relationship to the company (listed company or affiliated company) :Listed company. 

4.The shareholding ratios of mutual holding :N/A 

5.Cause of occurrence:
In accordance with Financial Supervisory Commission's official letter,#0950120961. 
Board resolution date:2006/08/23
Managers who are removed from the non-competition restriction: CEO and president :Peter Chou, COO :Fred Liu, vice president :CS Wang.
Premise of the removal of non-competition restriction:
To consider about HTC bussiness, HTC assing managers to be the director, supervisor, chairman, manager on behalf of or for HTC of it's investee companies or affiliates.
Duration of the removal of non-competition restriction:
During the employement of the aforementioned managers.
Resolution: All directors approved the aforementioned managers are free of non-competition restriction.
For businesses of the above removed non-competition restriction that are in Mainland China, detailed information is as follows: 
Names of the Company's managers: CEO and president Peter Chou, COO Fred Liu, vice president CS Wang.
A. Names of the investee company in Mainland China and the positions: High Tech Computer(SUZHOU)Ltd.
Directors: Peter Chou, Fred Liu, CS Wang President: CS Wang, Chairman: Fred Liu
B. Address of High Tech Computer(SUZHOU)Ltd.:
12A SuChun Industrial Square 428 Xinglong Street SuZhou Industrial Park JiangSu Province, China 
C. Main activities of High Tech Computer(SUZHOU)Ltd.:
PDAs &amp; Smartphone assembling, manufacturing, sales and after-sale service. 
D. Financial impact on the company: The company owns 100% subsidiary and recognizes investment gain or loss through equity method.
E. The above managers' investment amount and holding precentage on High Tech Computer(SUZHOU)Ltd.:None. 

6.Countermeasures: None 

7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None