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The Board resolved record date for distribution of dividends, capital increase, closing period for share transfers, delivery date of cash dividends
1.Date of the resolution by the board of directors or shareholders' meeting or decision by the Company:2010/07/11
2.Type of ex-rights or ex-dividend (please enter: “Ex-rights”, ”Ex-dividend”, or ”Ex-rights and dividend”):Ex-rights and dividend
3.Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution:
(1)Shareholders cash dividend:NT$20,122,331,946(NT$26/per share) Shareholders stock dividend:NT$386,967,920(NT$0.5 /per share)
(2)Employee cash bonuses:NT$2,915,541,655 Employee stock bonuses:NT$1,943,694,436 as stock bonuses with the issuance of 5,020,649 new common shares. The amount of NT$ 382 which is calculated less than one share will be distributed in the form of cash.
(3)The share dividends for the shareholders and employee stock bonuses with the total amount calculated at NT$437,174,410 for the capital increase and the issuing of 43,717,441 new common shares.
(4)After the capital increase, the paid up capital of the Company will increase from NT$7,739,358,440 to NT$8,176,532,850.
(5)The aforementioned allocation of earnings to the capital increase was approved by the Securities and Futures Commission of the Executive Yuan, which issued an Approval Notice numbered 0990034358 on 02 July 2010.
4.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) trading date:2010/07/28
5.Last date before book closure:2010/07/29
6.Book closure starting date:2010/07/30
7.Book closure ending date:2010/08/03
8.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date:2010/08/03
9.Any other matters that need to be specified:
(1)Delivery date of cash dividends on:2010/08/27
(2)The ratio of earnings distribution: depending on the holding ratio of the entries in the common shareholders' register on the date of record for the distribution of dividends, the cash dividend per share shall be NT$ 26. The stock dividend shall be 50 shares per one thousand shares. The Board of Directors may make the required adjustments to the actual earnings distribution ratio on the basis of the number of issued and outstanding stocks registered in the Common Stockholders’ Roster as at the date of record.For the employee cash bonuses and stock bonuses, the distribution will be set by the Board separately. For the current capital increase, if the share dividend received by any shareholder is less than one share (“Fragmented Share”), the affected shareholders needs to consult with the agency of the Corporation to “fill up” such received dividends to a “complete” share with the other shareholders within five days after the date of record for the distribution of dividends. After the above five day period, if such holders can not pool any Fragmented Share into a complete share, the given share dividend will be replaced by a cash dividend, and such Fragmented Share will be purchased at par value by the designated person(s) appointed by Chairperson.
(3)Rights and obligations of the newly issued shares:The rights/obligations of newly issued shares are the same.