HTC Investors

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Board's resolution of changing the number to be elected as Independent Directors in 2007 Annual Shareholders'Meeting.

1. Date of occurrence of the event:2007/05/08

2. Company name:High Tech Computer Corp.

3. Relationship to the Company (please enter ”head office” or ”affiliate company”):Listed Company

4. Reciprocal shareholding ratios:N/A

5. Cause of occurrence: Title Name ------------ --------------------- BU GM Johnson Sher VP Thomas Tung VP Cliff Chiang VP David Chen VP H. C. Hung VP Jim Lin VP Andy Chen VP Florian Seiche VP Theodore Achilles Legal Counsel Grace Lei CIO Horace Luke CMO/CS J Wang

6. Countermeasures:None 7. Any other matters that need to be specified: The postings under the proposed personnel restructuring of key managerial officers shall take immediate effect from the current date onward.