HTC Investors

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Convening of an investor conference concerning Q1 07 Business Review.
1.Date of the investor/press conference:2007/05/08 

2.Location of the investor/press conference:Conference call 

3.Financial and business related information:
Q1 07 self assessment &amp; Business Review:
A.Q1 07 revenues is 23.6 billion, NPAT is 5.5 billion.  
B.Q1 07 ODM business declined as expected.  
C.Q1 07 non-ODM business grows as expected except in the US. Slower business in the US due primarily to no new CDMA products.  
D.Brand awareness gains recognition 

A.Built country presence in EU to build brand awareness and enhance customer satisfaction.  
B.Reorganizing to improve operational effciency.  
C.Acquire main assets of Dopod International subsidiaries.  
D.Lower employee bonus payout ratio to NPAT based on market price.  
E.Drive innovative product development and effective product marketing plan.  
F.Exercise tighter financial discipline and lower cost structure. 

2.Any other matters that need to be specified:None