HTC Investors

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To explain the Commercial Times (Taiwan) report on June 25, 2010, page A19
1.Name of the reporting media:Commercial Times (Taiwan), page A19
2.Date of the report:2010/06/25
3.Content of the report: Please refer to the Commercial Times (Taiwan) report on June 25, 2010, page A19.
4.Summary of the information provided by investors:N/A
5.Company's explanation of the reportage or provided information: HTC has been aware that Apple has initiated a new District Court case in State of Delaware with 4 patents on June 21. Two patents in the suit relating “Power management” and “Screen Lock” were withdrawn from Apple’s previous suit against HTC and the other two patents are newly added which in relation to “Hot plug-in” technology. HTC has received the complaint document and entered a thorough discussion outside counsels.
    HTC reiterates that it strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect the other innovators and their technologies. This latest litigation raised by Apple is predictable and believed to be a usual litigation strategic move. HTC holds the same position that HTC disagrees with Apple’s actions and will fully defend itself. Currently the case has been entering into court procedure.
7.Any other matters that need to be specified:N/A