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Important resolution of 2005 Shareholders' Meeting
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting:2005/06/13 

2.Important resolutions: 
(1)Endorsement of the 2004 financial reports 
(2)Endorsement of the distribution of 2004 annual earnings: 
a. Total annual earnings of 2004 : NT$3,855,346,285 
b. for Legal reserve: NT$385,534,628 
c. for Special reserve: NT$17,149,473 
d. for Remuneration of Board Directors and Supervisors: NT$0 
e. for Employees Bonuses:NT$311,000,000. NT$105,000,000 out of the employee 
bonus will be distributed by issuing new shares. The rest will be distributed 
NT$206,000,000 in the form of cash. 
e. Stock dividend for common share: NT$577,526,640 
f. Cash dividend for common share: NT$1,443,816,607 
(3)Approved the increase of capital with the value of NT$682,526,640 
by issuing 68,252,664 new shares from annual earnings. 
a. Share to be issued for shareholders' bonus: NT$577,526,640 
b. Share to be issued for employees' bonus: NT$105,000,000 
c. Par value of each new issue share is NT$10 
(4) Approved the revisions of the Articles of Incorporation 

3.Endorsement of the annual financial statements (indicate "yes" or "no"): Yes 

4.Any other matters that need to be specified:N/A