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Important resolution of 2006 General Shareholders' Meeting
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting: 2006/05/02 

2.Important resolutions: 
(1)Acknowledgement to 2005 financial reports 
(2)Acknowledgement to distribution of 2005 annual earnings: 
a. for Legal reserve:NT$1,178,194,269 
b. for Remuneration of Board Directors and Supervisors : NT$0 
c. for Employee Bonus:NT$531,000,000,NT$80,000,000 out of the employee bonus will be distributed by issuing new shares. The 
rest will be distributed in the form of cash. 
d. Stock dividend for common share:NT$714,031,970 
e. Cash dividend for common share:NT$4,998,223,790 
(3)Approved the increase of capital with the value of NT$794,031,970 by issuing new shares from annual earnings 
a. Share to be issued for shareholders' bonus:NT$714,031,970 
b. Share to be issued for employees' bonus:NT$80,000,000 
c. Par value of each new issue share is NT$10 
(4)Approved to increase capital by issuing new common shares for Overseas Depositary Receipts offering: 
The shareholders' meeting has approved that the Board of directors is authorized to determine the method of issuance and adjust the amount of Overseas Depositary Receipts issuance within the quota of 16,000,000 common shares pursuant to market demand, and may conduct the Overseas Depositary Receipts offering by one or multiple issuances. 
(5)Approved the revisions to the Articles of Incorporation 
(6)Approved the revisions to the Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties 
(7)Approved the revisions to the Procedures for Endorsement and Guarantee 
(8)Approved the revisions to the Procedures for Financial Derivative Transactions 
(9)Approved the revisions to the Procedures for Director and Supervisor Election 

3.Endorsement of the annual financial statements (indicate "yes" or "no"):Yes 

4.Any other matters that need to be specified:No