HTC Investors

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Supplementary to our clarification dated September 21, 2006
1.Date of occurrence of the event:2006/10/18

2.Name of the company:High Tech Computer Corp.

3.Relationship to the company (listed company or affiliated company):
Listed company.

4.The shareholding ratios of mutual holding:N/A

5.Cause of occurrence:
Supplementary to our clarification dated September 21, 2006:
(1) HTC has applied to register the ”HTC Engineering Mobility and device” mark in class 9, 40, and 42. The related News reports as stated in our previous clarification only refer to class 40, for which the Intellectual Property Office did not grant approval. This decision has been appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court. HTC's applications in class 9 and class 42 have been approved, and the company has been granted registrations as Trademark No. 01106189 (class 9) and Trademark No. 01103389 (class 42). Highlight Tech Corporation has filed for invalidation of these two registrations. The filing for invalidation in class 42 was accepted and currently has been appeal to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but the Intellectual Property Office has rejected the filing for invalidation in class 9. Therefore HTC has the right to use the mark pursuant to the granted registration.
(2) With respect to the civil litigation between HTC and Highlight Tech Corporation, the Taiwan Taoyuan District Court has rejected all of Highlight Tech Corporation’s claims, stating in its judgment that HTC does not infringe upon any of Highlight Tech Corporation’s trademarks. Since all related trademark disputes between HTC and Highlight Tech corporation are currently under litigation or in the midst of administrative procedures, out of respect for the courts and the administrative authorities, HTC will not make any further comment at this time.


7.Any other matters that need to be specified:None