HTC Investors

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Treasury Share Repurchase Reaching NT$300 million
1.Date the cumulative number of shares repurchased in the current repurchase accounted for 2 percent or more of the shares issued by the company or the cumulative value of shares repurchased amounted to NT$300 million or more:2007/01/12 

2.Number of shares repurchased this time:1,050,000 shares 

3.Type of shares repurchased this time:Common Stock 

4.Total monetary amount of shares repurchased this time:NT$577,157,000 

5.Average repurchase price per share this time:NT$549.67 

6.Cumulative number of own shares held during the repurchase period: 1,524,000 shares 

7.Ratio of cumulative number of own shares held during the repurchase period to the total number of the Company’s issued shares:0.35% 

8.Any other matters that need to be specified:None