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Biography PhotoPaul Wei (Wei Ti-Hsiang)
Member of the Compensation Committee

Education and Qualification

China Evangelical Seminary, Taipei City, Taiwan
Current PhD Student

Current Monthly Columnist for renowned magazine and lectures.

Current part of the Committee for Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd.

Current PHD student in China Evangelical Seminary

Andrew Charity Association, Taipei, Taiwan / Founder
- Established a non-profit and charity food bank that distributes food every month to more than 2,000 children from disadvantaged families.

Christian Daily News, Taipei, Taiwan / Founder
- Established the online news publication to deliver news, information on churches and Christians throughout Taiwan and Asia; averaging 7-8 million views daily.

Dandelion Hope Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan / Founder
- Established Dandelion Hope Foundation and was appointed as first and second terms of president. Motivated by the faith in Jesus Christ, and "Spread Blessings, Share Love! "is the mission.
- Focuses on publishing monthly "Hope Magazine" with over 900,000 free copies in circulation every month.

Giraffe Cultural Enterprise Co. Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan / Founder
- Established and operated Giraffe English institution .Today there are more than 400 branch schools in Taiwan and China.
- Giraffe English is the leading brand and largest English language school for children in Taiwan.