HTC Investors

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Biography PhotoHuang-Chieh Chu

Jerry H.C. Chu brings to HTC over 25 years of experience in the banking and telecommunication industries. Until April 2011, he was Vice President of Customer Service and Quality Management of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. (TWM), Supervisor of Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd., and President of Taiwan Teleservices and Technologies (TT&T) Co., Ltd. TWM is the second largest mobile service operator in Taiwan and TT&T is a subsidiary of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. which focuses on customer service and care.

Mr. Chu was TWM’s Chief Auditor and VP of Quality Management before he was appointed President of TT&T in 2008. As Chief Auditor, Mr. Chu developed valuable skills and knowledge in corporate governance, as well as hands-on experience in internal audit and control. Before he joined TWM in 2003, Mr. Chu was VP and Senior Country Operations Officer (SCOO) for Citibank N.A. Taiwan Branch.

Mr. Chu has an MBA from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and an LL.B. from the National Taiwan University.