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2015 Annual Report
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July 19, 2016
The Company will hold 2Q 2016 results conference call in English
1.Date of the investor conference: 2016/08/02 2.Time of the investor conference:15:00 3.Location of the investor conference: Conference call and Webcast 4.Brief information disclosed in the investor conference: The Company will hold 2Q 2016 Results Conference Call. During the conference, the Company will discuss its financial and operational performance for 2Q 2016. 5.The presentation of the investor conference release: The investor conference material will be disclosed on the Market ... 
July 15, 2016
Announcement of HTC's Completion of Share Buyback Plan (for the cancellation of shares)
1.Originally determined ceiling on total monetary amount of the share repurchase:NT$51,684,388,476 2.Original scheduled period for the repurchase:2016/05/16~2016/07/15 3.Originally determined number of shares to be repurchased:40,000,000 shares 4.Originally determined repurchase price range:NT$47-NT$70 per share 5.Date of expiry of the repurchase period or completion of the repurchase:2016/07/15 6.Number of shares repurchased: 7,050,000 shares 7.Total monetary amount of shares repurchase...