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2015 Annual Report
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June 22, 2016
To explain the Liberty Times Net report on June 22, 2016
1.Date of occurrence of the event: 2016/06/222.Company name: HTC Corporation3.Relationship to the Company (please enter "head office" or  "subsidiaries"):Head Office4.Reciprocal shareholding ratios: N/A5.Name of the reporting media: Liberty Times Net6.Content of the report: Please refer to the report from theLiberty Times Net on June 22, 2016.7.Cause of occurrence: Clarification in response to TWSE's request8.Countermeasures: As suggested by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, HTC has re... 
June 08, 2016
HTC Board of Directors' resolution for replacement of Company's Chief Financial Officer and Spokesperson
1.Type of personnel changed (please enter: spokesperson, acting  spokesperson, financial officer, accounting officer, research and   development officer, or internal audit officer):Financial Officer and Company Spokesperson 2.Date of occurrence of the change: 2016/06/083.Name, title, and resume of the replaced person:Chialin Chang, Chief Financial Officer and Company Spokesperson4.Name, title, and resume of the replacement:Peter Shen, Chief Financial Officer and Company Spoke...