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2017 Annual Report
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June 27, 2018
The Company is invited to attend UBS Taiwan Conference 2018
1.Date of the investor conference:2018/06/282.Time of the investor conference:9:00 am3.Location of the investor conference:Grand Hyatt Taipei4.Brief information disclosed in the investor conference: The Company will attend " UBS Taiwan Conference 2018" to give investors the company's operational and financial results as released in the Company's website.5.The presentation of the investor conference release: Same presentation as the one for 2018 Q1 Financial Results.6.Will the... 
June 26, 2018
Important Resolutions of 2018 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting:2018/06/262.Important resolutions (1)profit distribution/deficit  compensation:Adoption of the Fiscal 2017 Deficit Compensation Proposal.3.Important resolutions (2)amendments of the corporate charter: Approved of the proposal to partially amend the Articles of Incorporation.4.Important resolutions (3)business report and financial  statements: Adoption of the Fiscal 2017 Business Report and Financial Statements.5.Important resolutions (4)ele...