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Innovation in products and leadership in user experience has continued to strengthen HTC's core brand value

2016 Annual Report
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Latest Announcements
March 15, 2017
The Board Resolved to Disposal of Land and Plant in Shanghai, HTC Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a Major Subsidiary of the Company
1.Name and nature of the subject matter ( located at  Sublot XX, Lot XX, North District, Taichung City):Land and Plant in Shanghai2.Date of the occurrence of the event:2017/03/153.Transaction volume (e.g.XX square meters, equivalent to XX p'ing),  unit price, total transaction price:Land Acreage:70,920.4 square metersBuilding Area:114,831.34 square metersTotal transaction price:RMB 630 million (RMB 30 million of value-added               ... 
March 06, 2017
HTC Board of Directors Approved the Capital Reduction due to Cancellation of Restricted Employee Shares
1.Date of the board of directors resolution: 2017/03/062.Reason for the capital reduction:As the vesting conditions of the issuance of restricted employee shares have not been met by the intended employee, HTC will withdraw issuance to such employee without compensation and cancel 104,500 shares. 3.Amount of the capital reduction: NTD $1,045,0004.Cancelled shares: 104,500 shares5.Capital reduction ratio: 0.0127%6.Share capital after the capital reduction: NTD$8,219,041,5507.Scheduled d...