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HTC is an innovation company, creating powerful new products, solutions, and platforms in mobile andimmersive technologies. Beginning with a vision to put a personal computer in the palm of our customers’ hands, we have led the way in the evolution of smartphones, and are now applying that same innovative approach to connected devices and virtual reality as we enter the era of VIVERSE, our version of the metaverse.

At the heart of this is a bold innovative spirit of pushing new boundaries, while leveraging our industryleading capabilities. The notion of Dare to Dream is at the heart of our daily ambitions. We ask fundamental questions at the intersection of customer aspirations and our capability to delight and surprise with innovative solutions. We challenge ourselves and our customers to achieve their full human potential. What’s your dream? Can you visualize it? Will it shift our perspective? Will we feel it? The future belongs to the dreamers to power creation and innovation. Because our dreams power the future. Dare to Dream.

As we live this philosophy, we employ powerful technologies and combine them in creative new ways in order to deliver this. At this time in history, building block technologies like VR, AR, 5G, AI, and blockchain are evolving and coming together in new ways with the potential to deliver utility and experiences previously unavailable. We called this VIVE Reality in 2018, and today we see our vision as VIVERSE.

VIVERSE is the future that we strive to enable. That means understanding people’s needs and desires, their hopes and aspirations, and embedding them into the building block technologies of today and tomorrow. Through creating wonderful devices, platforms, content and solutions, we can unleash imagination from the bounds of reality and realize the true potential of technology for the benefit of humankind. Our future is enhanced in a world where HTC innovation and VIVERSE experiences blend to create a new and better world. These three pillars are central to that mission:


For HTC, our innovation is human-centered in the broadest sense. We endeavor to anticipate the needs of people, businesses and society as a whole, and expand our vision to impact people ’s lives in ways never before considered.


Our heritage of and commitment to technology excellence is the great enabler of our pursuit. We strive for a world in which customers, large and small, have access to the most powerful hardware, platforms, tools, and services, a world where the technology becomes secondary to the experiences that it creates.


Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we know, and one we seek to unlock. A world where a continuum of immersive realities is possible, and experience is unbounded. Imagination that invents new ways to make life better for people and enable them to be the best they can be, help businesses achieve their vision, and solve the greater challenges faced by society.

This philosophy and approach are reflected in a steady stream of world-class innovation, as we continue to advance new products in VR, mobile, and 5G with greater capability and convenience. We also continue to advance our societal, environmental and cultural initiatives, and our support of education. From our people to our products, Dare to Dream represents a guiding philosophy that energizes HTC as a global organization .

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HTC Corporation

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2,174 (2023-03-31)


Cher Wang

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Deloitte & Touche



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No. 23, Xinghua Rd., Taoyuan Dist.,
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