Organization Structure

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Organization Functions

Department Function
Core Products and Services Global Virtual Reality, Smartphone and Connected Devices business, including Product Engineering, Sales & Business Development, Operations, Strategy Planning, Execution and Management.
New Platforms and Infrastructure Value Innovation Businesses including Technology, Platform & Ecosystem Development, Strategic Planning and Commercialization of Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Blockchain and more future technologies.
Innovation Research and Development Center Research & Development for exploring Advanced Technology, Product Development & Engineering and Innovations continuously.
Corporate Functions Include Finance & Accounting, Legal, HR, IT, GA as well as the manufacturing and production managements.
Internal Audit Inspect and review effectiveness of the internal control system and measure operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliability, timeliness, transparency and regulatory compliance of reporting, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations and by laws.

Cher Wang

HT Cho

Wen-Chi Chen

David Bruce Yoffie

Chen-Kuo Lin
Independent Director

Michael C. Lu
Independent Director

Vincent Thai
Independent Director

Daniel Wu (Yeong-Cheng Wu)
Member of the Compensation Committee