Organization Structure



VIVE Systems creates fully immersive, premium-grade virtual reality products for everyone with breath taking graphics and lifelike sounds.
VIVERSE is instrumental in the creation of HTC’s content ecosystem in the metaverse era.
Through its advanced content, software and platform technologies, VIVERSE has grown the steady growth in both VR content on its VIVEPORT platform, leveraged its virtual exhibition platform for enterprise and built strong content and hardware partnerships to accelerate the expansion of the VR ecosystem.
G REIGNS has focused on the burgeoning 5G high speed connectivity, with a clear objective to provide total solutions, such as companion apps and devices, crossplatform SDKs and immersive terminals,
to business partners and 5G phone users to enlarge VIVERSE.
HTC Smart Devices is focused on creating devices that take full advantage of the latest technologies while supporting HTC’s VIVERSE vision.
VIVE Arts continued its mission to enhance
cultural appreciation through immersive technology, democratize creativity and preserve our cultural heritage for the world.
VIVE ORIGINALS dedicated to the development of authentic intellectual properties, and the coproduction and distribution of original VR film, art, animation, music, culture and
entertainment content.
DeepQ remained focused on integrating AI into solutions that promote access to and improve the quality of healthcare.

Cher Wang

HT Cho

Wen-Chi Chen

David Bruce Yoffie

Chen-Kuo Lin
Independent Director

Michael C. Lu
Independent Director

Vincent Thai
Independent Director

Hong-Chung Hsieh
Independent Director

Daniel Wu (Yeong-Cheng Wu)
Member of the Compensation Committee