Investor FAQs

1.When was HTC established and when were HTC shares listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)?
The information is available at the About HTC section.

2.What is HTC's fiscal year?
Our fiscal year end is December 31.

3.Where can you find more financial information related to HTC?
The information is available at the Financial Releases section.

4.What is the number of HTC’s outstanding shares?
The information is available at the

5.When does HTC announce its monthly sales result?
We release our monthly sales on 6th every month.

6.Whom may you contact for HTC common shareholder services?
If you have any questions concerning your common shares, please call The Transfer Agency Department of Chinatrust Commercial Bank in Taiwan at 886-2-2181-1911.

You may also write to the bank at
5F, No. 83, Chung-Ching South Road Section 1
Taipei, Taiwan
(Fax: 886-2-2382-2198)

or, visit the bank's website at

7.What is the HTC stock code on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)?
HTC's stock code is 2498.

8.Where can you find HTC historical stock price information?
For more stock price information, please visit Historical Lookup section.

9.What do you need to do in order to participate in HTC's dividend payments?
A shareholder must own HTC shares through the day before the ex-dividend date to be entitled to the proposed dividend payment.

10.How do you calculate reference price for Ex-right/Ex-dividend Stocks?
For more stock price information, please visit TWSE website.

11.What is HTC's historical dividend payout?
The information is available at the Dividend History section.

12.What is HTC's dividend policy?
As a member of the high-technology industry and a growing enterprise, the Company considers its operating environment, industry developments, and long-term interests of stockholders as well as its programs to maintain operating efficiency and meet its capital expenditure budget and financial goals in determining the stock or cash dividends to be paid. The Company's dividend policy stipulates that at least 50% of total dividends may be distributed as cash dividends.

13.What is shareholding structure of HTC?
The information is available at

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