HTC Investors

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Announce year 2004 first revised financial forecast after CPA reviewed
1.Fiscal year of the financial forecast:2004

2.Date of preparation,correction,updating of the financial forecast:2004/08/25 

3.Reason for preparation of the financial forecast: Within three years of the initial public offer of HTC'S stocks (continue) 

4.Name of the reviewing CPA and date of review:Arvin Hsu &amp; Morris Yang ON AUG 26,2004. 

5.Date of the board of directors resolution:2004/08/26 

6.Date of public announcement:2004/08/26 

7.Monetary amounts of major accounting items of the balance sheet and income statement: ? Reason for the correction or update and monetary amount affected: Due to the sales amount is better than forecasted,the assumptions of the original financial forecast changes accordingly.The announcement of the original financial forecast is not applicable. 

8.CPA review opinion (please enter: "Standard (or Adverse or Disclaimer of) Review report"; if a non-standard review report, please further enter the explanation section and the conclusion of the review opinion):Standard 

9.Any other matters that need to be specified:None