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Board's resolution of Revised subjects for convening the 2007 Annual Shareholders' Meeting.
1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2007/05/08 

2.Date for convening the shareholders' meeting:2007/06/20 

3.Location for convening the shareholders' meeting:CHUTO PLAZA HOTEL (No. 398, Taoying Road, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.). 

4.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting:
(A)Matters for Report: 
  (1).Fiscal 2006 Operational Report. 
  (2).Supervisors Audit Report. 
  (3).Report on the Adoption of the Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings. 
  (4).Treasury Stock Repurchase Implementation Status Report. 
(B) Adoption, Discussion, and Election Matters: 
  (1).Adoption of the Fiscal 2006 Operational Report and Financial Statement. 
  (2).Adoption of the Fiscal 2006 Earnings Distribution Proposal. 
  (3).Discussion of the proposal to allocate earnings and employee bonus to a capital increase and issuance of new shares. 
  (4).Discussion of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings. 
  (5).Discussion of the proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation. 
  (6).Discussion of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Procedures for the Acquisition or Disposal of Assets. 
  (7).Discussion of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Procedures for the Handling of Derivatives Trading. 
  (8).Discussion of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Bylaws for the Election of Directors and Supervisors. 
  (9).Discussion of the proposal to purchase main assets from Dopod International’s subsidiaries for conducting strategic alliance matters. 
  (10).Proposal for election of directors and supervisors of the Corporation upon expiration of the current term. 
  (11).Discussion of the proposal to lift restrictions regarding non-competition by directors. 
(C)Extraordinary Motions: 

5.Book closure starting and ending dates:2007/04/22~2007/06/20 

6.Any other matters that need to be specified:
(1)Elect two Independent Directors in 2007 Annual Shareholders' Meeting.
(2)Any shareholders who have hold more than 1% of the total number of outstanding shares may bring up as other matters and name of candidate for Independent Directors from 2007/04/17 to 2007/04/27 at HTC location. (Address: No.23,Xinghua Rd.,Taoyuan City,Taoyuan Country 330,Taiwan,R.O.C.)