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HTC Board of Directors resolved to buy back HTC common stocks

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2008/10/07

2.Purpose of the share repurchase:For the shareholders' interest. The purchased shares will be canceled by HTC.

3.Type of shares to be repurchased:HTC's common stocks

4.Ceiling on total monetary amount of the share repurchase:NT$41,294,526,061

5.Scheduled period for the repurchase:2008/10/08~2008/12/07

6.Number of shares to be repurchased:A maximum of 10,000,000 shares.

7.Repurchase price range:NT$400 to NT$500 per share. In the event that HTC's share price is lower than this price range, HTC may continue to buy back its shares.

8.Method for the repurchase:To buy back shares from Taiwan Stock Exchange.

9.Ratio of the shares to be repurchased to total issued shares of the Company:1.32%

10.Number of the Company’s own shares held at the time of reporting:None.

11.Status of repurchases within three years prior to the time of reporting: 1.Buyback period:From December 13, 2006 to January 19, 2007 2.Number of shares bought back:3,624,000 shares 3.Number of shares cancelled:3,624,000 shares

12.Status of repurchases that have been reported but not yet completed:None.

13.Minutes of the board of directors meeting that resolved for the share repurchase:HTC's Board of Directors today resolved the Proposal for the Repurchasing of the Corporation’s shares and cancellation of such shares. (1)Purpose of the repurchase: such repurchase is proposed and arranged for the cancellation of shares for the rights/benefits of shareholders and Corporation’s credit. (2)Types of shares to be repurchased: the Corporation’s common shares. (3)Ceiling on total monetary amount of the repurchase: NT$5,000,000,000. (4)Planned period for the repurchase, and number of shares to be repurchased:Propose to repurchase 10,000,000 shares from Oct. 08, 2008 to Dec. 07, 2008. (5)Price range of the shares to be repurchased: From NT$400 to NT$500, repurchasing will continue even when the share price is lower than the above price range. (6)Method for the repurchase:Repurchasing at a centralized securities exchange market.

14.The rules for transfer of shares set forth in Article 10 of the Guidelines for Repurchase of Shares by Listed and OTC Companies:N/A

5.The rules for conversion or subscription of shares set forth in Article 11 of the Guidelines for Repurchase of Shares by Listed and OTC Companies:N/A

16.Declaration that the financial state of the Company has been considered by the board of directors and that its capital maintenance will not be affected:The stated amount of common shares to be purchased accounts for 1.32% of the HTC's total outstanding shares, and the maximum amount of funding needed for buying back theses common shares is only 5.01% of HTC's total current assets. Hereby, the Board of Directors states that it has already considered HTC's financial status and that the buyback of these common shares will not have an impact on maintaining HTC's invested capital.

17.Appraisal by a CPA or securities underwriter of the reasonableness of the share repurchase price:The buyback of these common shares in the stated price range will not have an impact on HTC's financial structure, book value per share, earnings per share, return on equity, quick ratio, and current ratio except for cash flow. 18.Other particular specified by the Securities and Futures Bureau:None Note:The aforementioned NT$41,294,526,061 is the regulatory cap on the total value of the shares could be bought.HTC Board of Directors resolved the Ceiling on total monetary amount of the repurchase is NT$5,000,000,000.