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HTC Board of Directors Resolved the Capital Reduction due to Cancellation of Restricted Employee Shares
1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2019/11/11
2.Reason for the capital reduction:
As the vesting conditions of the issuance of restricted employee shares
have not been met by the intended employee, HTC will withdraw issuance to
such employee without compensation and cancel 3,220 shares.
3.Amount of the capital reduction:NTD $32,200
4.Cancelled shares:3,220 shares
5.Capital reduction ratio:0.000004%
6.Share capital after the capital reduction:NTD$8,188,086,350
7.Scheduled date of the shareholders' meeting:N/A
8.Estimate listed common shares after the capital reduction:N/A
9.The estimate ratio of listed shares to the company's issued
  common shares, after the capital reduction:N/A
10.Countermeasures of the lower circulation in shareholding,
  if the aforesaid estimate listed common shares does not
  reach 60 million shares and the ration does not reach 25%
  after the capital reduction:N/A
11.Any other matters that need to be specified:
Record date for capital reduction is November 11, 2019.