HTC Investors

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HTC Board of Directors resolved new recruit CFO and spokesperson.
1.Change person (please enter: "spokesperson" ,
"acting spokesperson","financial officer"," accounting officer",
"research and development officer", "internal officer"):
spokesperson and financial officer 

2.Date of occurrence of the change:2006/08/23 

3.Name, title, and resume of the replaced person:
spokesperson : Peter Chou, CEO and spokesperson
financial officer : Clement Lin, Director of Finance &amp; Accounting 
4.Name, title, and resume of the replacement:
Hui-Ming Cheng, Chief Financial Officer and Spokesperson
resume : he has served as CFO and Spokesperson for the Fubon Financial Holding Co. 

5.Reason for the change:New Recruit CFO and spokesperson 

6.Effective date:2006/09/08 

7.Contact telephone number of the replacement:+886-3-3753252 

8.Any other matters that need to be specified:N/A