HTC Investors

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1.Date of occurrence of the event:2010/02/09

2.Company name:HTC Corporation

3.Relationship to the Company (please enter ”head office” or”affiliate company”):head office.

4.Reciprocal shareholding ratios:None

5.Cause of occurrence:
Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C. Feb 9, 2010 – HTC Corporation (TAIEX: 2498),a global smartphone designer, has held its extraordinary board meetingearlier today and announced that it will buy back and write-off of itsshares.
In order to stabilize the share price and to promote the goodwilland share-holders’ interests, HTC will buy back its common shares andimplement the write-off of treasury stock in accordance with Article Twoof the Securities and Exchange Act. HTC will buy back 15,000,000 issuedcommon shares with a total buy-back amount capped at NT$7,500,000,000.The buy-back period is estimated to be between February 10th and April9th, 2010. The price range for this buy-back will be between NT$280 toNT$500, and when the share-price falls below the minimum price range,HTC will continue to buy back its issued common shares.
Regarding some market analysts’ recent interpretations of HTC’sstrategies on its future development (the interpretations claim that HTC may adopt a strategy that emphasizes trading its high profitabilityfor an expansion of market shares), such interpretations were not inline with HTC’s business strategy, and HTC would also like to takethis opportunity to explain as following:
HTC believes that by expanding its market shares, HTC will be ableto gain more profits, and maintain a high growth rate andcompetitiveness in the near future. It does not mean HTC will expandits market shares by surrendering its existing high profitability andjoin the cut-throat pricing war with its competitors.
HTC’s globe market penetration is growing significantly, and HTC believes the time is ripe for active promotion of its brand and thevalue of its corporate identity. HTC is confident about its currentstrategy of promoting HTC’s brand-recognition and products, and willdefinitely continue to implement and invest such strategy to maintainits competitiveness. Seizing the right opportunity to invest the rightstuff is HTC’s commitment to all the long-term investors.
HTC reiterates that HTC will not trade its high profit margin foran expansion of market shares, for the current development is ademonstration of HTC’s diligent way to adjust its business mode togenerate an overall high profitability, and it shall not create anyadverse impact.  We believe this adjustment shall greatly promoteHTC’s brand recognition, increase the efficiency of operation, andexpand the market shares.  This strategy will couple with the dutifulexecution and solid implementation, for it shall not be an emptypromise.All of us will march on with an even firmer confidence.


7.Any other matters that need to be specified:None