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Important resolution of 2007 Shareholders' Meeting
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting:2007/06/20 

2.Important resolutions:
(1)Adoption to 2006 Operational Report and Financial Statement.
(2)Q1Adoption to distribution of 2006 annual earnings:
a. for Legal reserve:NT$2,524,732,816
b. for Employee Bonus:NT$2,105,000,000,NT$105,000,000 out of the employee bonus will be distributed by issuing new shares. The rest will be distributed in the form of cash.
c. Stock dividend for common share:NT$1,298,385,540
d. Cash dividend for common share:NT$11,685,469,920
(3)Approved the increase of capital with the value of NT$1,403,385,540 by issuing new shares from annual earnings:
a. Share to be issued for shareholders' bonus:NT$1,298,385,540
b. Share to be issued for employees' bonus:NT$105,000,000
c. Par value of each new issue share is NT$10
(4)Approved of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings.
(5)Approved of the proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation
(6)Approved of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Procedures for the Acquisition or Disposal of Assets.
(7)Approved of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Procedures for Handling of Derivatives Trading.
(8)Approved of the proposal to amend the Corporation's Bylaws for the Election of Directors and Supervisors.
(9)Approved the proposal to purchase main assets from Dopod International’s subsidiaries for conducting strategic alliance matters.
(10)Election of Directors and Supervisors:
Newly-elected Directors: Directors:Cher Wang ; Wen-Chi Chen ; H. T. Cho
Independent Directors : Chen-Kuo Lin ;Josef Felder
Newly-elected Supervisors: Supervisors:LEE,STEVEN SHAO-LUN, the representative of Way-Chi
Investment Co. Ltd.; Pocheng Ko ; Ou Yang Cha Li
(11)Approved the proposal to repeal the non-competition restrictions imposed on the Directors.

3.Endorsement of the annual financial statements (indicate “yes” or “no”):Yes 

4.Any other matters that need to be specified:No